Thank you for letting me share this with you. We ask you to pray for the salvation of many people, that they will have Jesus in their hearts and to give honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you, and may God show you his blessings,

Organization of EDCA

Now we continue onward in unity and blessing. This is an organization that has been going from 1998 to now, 2019. And we will continue advancing, even though we fight with God's strength and blessing as we seek to follow Jesus, the divine King, who is over all and worthy of all honor.

EDCA Presidents

1.EDCA President
Bob McFarland, England
25 June. 2000. to 05 Sept. 2003
2.EDCA President
Janne Kankkonen, Sweden
06 Sept. 2003 to 20 Jan. 2007
3.EDCA President
Riho Kurg, Estonia
21 Jan. 2007 to 22 Jan 2011
4.EDCA President
Kasper de Jong, Holland
21 Jan. 2011 to 15 Jan 2015
5.EDCA President
David Roldan, Spain
15 Jan. 2015 to 11 Feb 2019
6.EDCA President
Raymond Abernethy, North Ireland
11 Feb. 2019 to 17 Feb 2023

Team of EDCA in 2019-2023

Raymond Abernethy, North Ireland


Have been in EDCA board for 4 years and vice president for 4 years.
Retired pastor and leader of sign lenguage community under Christian fellowship Church in 2015 since 1989.
travel a lot on short team mission for 26 years.
Raymond was on board with go sign U.K.
Married to Rita rart of team leaders of European Deaf Christian Women minitry.
We were deaf Christian Discipleship course trainer for 4 years.

Dima Lavrov, Russia

Vice President

EDCA board for vice president for 4 years. Church Baptist Russia

Kasper de Jong, Holland


Deaf pastor, with 2 another lead Sign Language Church in Zoetermeer, Netherland,
and the chairman of Deaf Christian Fellowship Netherland.

Riho Kurg, Estonia


Deaf head pastor in Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church since 1993, coordinator in European Deaf Christian Alliance 1998.


József Kéri, Hungray


If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

Victor Ivan, Romania


A strict teacher that has been teaching since the age of 16. Stella won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

Vitali Zvarych, Ukraine


The second pastor in the ministry of the deaf, a mentor, I teach in the Bible school of the deaf, sometimes as a missionary: I open a new ministry to the deaf.

David Roldan, Spain

Social media

Pastor Deaf Christian Ministry 1995 & FADE Assemblies of God in Spain 2016.

Total 26 Members

Mirko Hobel Austria, Anatoli Shpihel and Ilya Salata Belarus, Sergey Gaynudinov Bulgaria, Jan Tausen Zachariassen Denmark, Jay Morton and John Delve England, Erik Siht Estonia, Harri Konttinen and Liisa Wenger Finland, Katrin Pflugfelder and Cora Friebl Germay, Eric Egler France, Imre Kovács Hungray, Oleksander Raykovskiy and Artem Abulov Israel, Giuseppe Settembre and Luca Dascoli Italy, Vasile Mocanu Moldova, Ewoud Hettem Netherland, Aslaug Kristiansen and Ulla-Maija Berit Norway,Jaroslaw Jacek Waszczuk and Lukasz Michaliszyn Poland Ladisau Bortos Romania,Dima Lavrov and Valery Zhadan Russia, Benito Manuel Arteaga Spain, Marcus Münger Switzerland, Oleg Ermakov Ukraine, Bernard le Maire and Salvatore Reale Belgium, Jaroslav and Irena Czech.


DMI Norway is a Norwegian foundation affiliated to Deaf Ministries International (DMI). DMI is an international Christian Ministry Network among the Deaf.

We connect the Deaf community by training leaders to establish Deaf Bible Together groups. And our Deaf Church Where tool points the way to Christian services and ministries for the Deaf.

We welcome Deaf people from Europe to the WDAG. We are praying that God will fill us with His Holy Spirit so we can serve Him.