European Deaf Christian Alliance

Since 1998-2021


European Deaf Christian Conference is to be held every four years immediately after the formal EDCA Board meeting. 


Focused on equipping, empowering and encouraging Deaf pastors and
leaders; typically held every year.


Focused on evangelism and spiritual growth and encouragement for youth ages  18 – 35; typically held every two years.


Focused on bringing together a network of churches and organizations involved
in Deaf Bible translation and Bible use throughout Europe.


The European Deaf Christian Alliance (EDCA) is an umbrella of representatives from Deaf Christian
Denominational and Non-Denominational Churches and organisations in Europe.


These representatives are born-again, Spirit-indwel t believers who have submitted themselves to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to the fulfilment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18- 20; Mark 16:16-20; Acts 1: 8).


Deaf Christian Fellowship-Europe was formed in Holland in April 1998, comprised of five member nations: Holland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, and England. This organization changed its name in November 2000 to the European Deaf Christian Alliance, hereafter EDCA.


The aim is to reach deaf people of every nation (in co-operation with other evangelical groups), to lead them to the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ and to build them up in the Christian life in fellowship with other deaf believers.